The Art of Empathy and the Empathy of Art

Art of Empathy web copy

The Art of Empathy and the Empathy of Art

Workshop on Oral History Methods and Applications

Date: SUNDAY July 21, 12pm – 3pm (3 hours)

Location : Asian-American Writers Workshop

112 West 27th St. Suite 600 |   New York   

In this workshop, we will examine oral history theory and methodology through the many creative ways in which it has been practiced. Using empathy, power dynamics, and intersubjectivity as thematic lenses, we will begin the workshop by discussing the meaning of oral history; its differences and similarities to journalism, documentary work, therapy/social work, and other fields that use interviewing; and how oral history methodology may be applied within some of these other fields. Next, drawing upon their experience working on various oral history projects in both the US and abroad, facilitators Cindy Choung and Maggie Lemere will take you through the process of designing an oral history: project planning, interview strategies, interpretation and analysis, creative applications, and archiving. 

Please note that if you have a specific project you’re currently working on, we invite you to offer questions and reflections throughout the workshop based on your work; however, having a current project to discuss is not necessary. By the end of the workshop, you will have a solid foundation from which to further plan and develop potential projects using oral history methods. Works by Anna Deavere Smith, George Plimpton, StoryCorps, Voice of Witness, and more will be discussed.

Please feel free to send us questions or potential topics of interest for the workshop via email. If we are not able to incorporate your suggestion into our discussion, we will still offer our support by contacting you directly. We look forward to learning together and further building a community of thoughtful story-keepers and tellers. 

You can contact our trainers at:




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